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Welcome to Hitchin & Hertfordshire's No.1 Dog Grooming Boutique as proudly featured on TV
"If there's one thing that comes across from all your clients above everything else that you do... is that they trust you!"  Baroness Karren Brady 2018 


07 847 777 847
27A S U N   S T R E E T  .  H I T C H I N  .  SG5 1AH


At the start of our 5th highly successful year, we're saying a big thank you to our 3500+ trusted and valued customers as well as your VIP pets!

Every VIP PET groom includes as standard:

Personal Consultation, Health Check by a City & Guilds professional Groomer, Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Triple Wash, Hand Dry, Full Brushing & Styling, Colognes and our 5 star VIP service

Full Groom
(Premium VIP service)  


from only £42

Wash & Tidy
(inc. eyes, pads, bottom)


from only £30

Wash & Blow
(or Puppy Pamper)


from only £20

Spa Therapies
(conditioner, mudwrap, etc)


from only £5


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27A Sun Street  .  Hitchin  . SG5 1AH

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