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!! Covid-19 Update: WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED !!

We have with absolute regret and very hearts now had to close, only temporarily, in accordance with government advice primarily for the safety of customers and staff, who have and always will be as a dedicated independent family business, our absolute priority. We thank all our customers for your steadfast support and understanding during this extremely difficult time.


We have the resources and ability to re-open immediately once safe to do so, and we will call all our customers when we ourselves know when this will be, which we expect within 12 weeks.


In the meantime we suggest you keep brushing your dogs daily, bathe and dry them where possible with pet friendly and not human shampoo, and if you have concerns over your pets nail length or any other health matter please visit your local vets which will remain open. If you need any help or advice then please do call us on 07 847 777 847 - we are still here with you all!


We will be back and like all other independents in Hitchin look forward to your support in the future to get Hitchin back fully operational and more vibrant then ever... together.


From Terence, Adrian & Angela we wish you all good health, stay safe and see you soon!



Welcome to Hitchin & Hertfordshire's No.1 Dog Grooming Boutique as proudly featured on TV


"If there's one thing that comes across from all your clients above everything else that you do... is that they trust you!"  Baroness Karren Brady 2018 

07 847 777 847

(07 VIP 777 VIP)


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Drying cages or holding crates ever used

At the start of our 4th highly successful year, we're saying a big thank you to our 3000+ trusted and valued customers as well as your VIP pets!

Every VIP PET groom includes as standard:

Personal Consultation, Health Check by a City & Guilds professional Groomer, Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Calming Essential Oil Therapy,  Deluxe essential oils Wild Wash shampoo, Triple Wash, Hand Dry,  Full Brushing & Styling, Colognes or Wild Wash 100% natural Essential Oil Fragrance and our 5 star VIP service

Full Groom
(Premium VIP service)  


from only £25

Wash & Tidy
(inc. eyes, pads, bottom)


from only £20

Wash & Blow
(or Puppy Pamper)


from only £15

Spa Therapies
(conditioner, mudwrap)


from only £2

*From 2018 Grooms are priced individually from £15 to £45 according to breed, size and coat condition - please call for details 

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